Your Divine Awakening

The time of your awakening A blog by Judy

This is the time of your awakening. It may not feel that way, or it may feel very much that way! You may relate to the term “awakening” – knowing exactly what that means for you; or you may not know what “awakening” means for you, but perhaps you know you want to wake up! Some part of you is ready. Some part of you knows you are already awake!

Our personal awakening depends on our level of vibration. You have already felt this! In those times you are feeling not so great; sad, lonely, frustrated, afraid, angry…you are in a lower vibration. That isn’t YOU! You’ve also felt those times when you are open, happy, joyful, lighthearted, patient, forgiving. That’s the “YOU” that you want to walk around in! That’s the YOU at a higher vibration! And that’s where we are all headed, in this extraordinary time of personal and planetary awakening!

For many of us, it may not feel (YET) that we are deep in our awakening process! That’s because we are meant to clean up first! In other words, we’ve got to purge through those aspects and vibrational “strongholds” that just can’t rise up with us as we move toward our highest essence. They have a hold on us. So we’re in process of releasing and letting go. This shows up sometimes as loss….we suddenly find ourselves without the job, the home, the spouse or our plans we’ve been banking on. It’s all shattered. Well don’t worry! It’s all meant to be and spirit is clearing the way for the higher way of being that we are meant to live in!

In this third dimensional existence on our beloved Planet Earth, there will always be polarities. But we are rising! Can you FEEL it? We are rising in order to access and hold the higher vibration of the fifth dimension! No polarities here. I know you have been there consciously, because we all go there sometimes, even flipping back and forth between 3d and 5d…losing moments in our transitions, forgetting things, losing things…having trouble accessing our memory (sound familiar?)

In 5d where there are no polarities, we are constantly (yes, constantly) in our bliss. We are in a perpetual state of mindfulness, patience, optimism, openness, loving kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, synchronicity and manifestation! This is nothing less than heaven on earth! Sound good? You’ve been there, right? Perhaps for a week, a day, a few moments? Well imagine your bliss as always present! Hmmm….can you feel it now? Do you know you can consciously access your bliss? Do you know there are many ways to use your own will power to change your vibration? To lift yourself upwards to where you want to be? Your bliss is more under your control than you think!

No one knows better that YOU what lifts you up and makes you happy. But sometimes, it just takes a little help from another being to bring you to a place where you KNOW you have access to your OWN doorway to bliss.

Come join me the third Thursday of every month for a program called Divine Openings. Here you will be among kindred spirits who care about conscious awakening. You will receive three energy activations called Diving Opening which will give you a “kickstart” toward your next level of bliss. Feel the love, the expansion, the sacred union between YOU and your DIVINE SELF! Our next program is Thursday, Sept. 20, 7:00-9:00 pm. Fee is $30; please rsvp:

Can’t join us that night? Divine Openings can be brought to you from any distance! Three in a row are recommended, a week apart. Email Judy to schedule your Divine Openings series. Fee for these are $210 and include a conversation related to your goals, and coaching with Judy about how to access and maintain your highest vibration of awakening consciousness.

Judy was initiated by Lola Jones to provide Divine Openings. Lola Jones is author of the book Everything is Going Great in my Absence ( and also available through Judy. Take a look at all of Judy’s offerings at

Spiritual Awakening and Divine Openings with Judy every third Thursday, 7-8:30 PM $30 Registration helpful: 781-639-1236 or

This program is for anyone interested in accessing and sustaining higher consciousness. You will receive three Divine Openings and learn about ways to open and sustain freedom through higher vibrations. Divine Openings is an enlightenment activation. The Divine Presence becomes apparent as divine love and joy. At our meetings we can freely express and connect with like- hearted souls as we share in the powerful energy transmissions that provide expanded awareness. Join Judy’s Divine Openings Meetup


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