The Silent Song of the Heart

                     The Silent Song of the Heart            A blog by Judy


I love listening to music. And I love watching singers! Sometimes I think I would like to explore my inner rock star in a future lifetime. Hmmm…would I be outrageous like Lady Gaga, or elegant like Beyonce?  Tough choice!

Tonight I watched The Voice on TV. Talented singers looking for a break to get into the music business. They each have a little story to tell before they walk out on stage. Some have gone through a lot to get to this point, when they give it all they’ve got while four judges, turned in their chairs so they can’t see the singer, judge only the voice and turn around if they like it.

Some singers belt out a whole song and no judge turns around. Some sing only three notes and a judge turns around, knowing instantly the signer has the “it” factor.

Sometimes I found myself tearing up. The story, the courage, the once in a lifetime opportunity to receive “proof” that the talent is really there. All that work, the practice, the desire, the passion … if only one of the four judges turn around, then it’s all worth it. Greatness confirmed.

Some of the singers are subtle. I really like that. But I love it when that moment comes during that so familiar song when the singer nails the high note. The singer’s highest potential, fullest expression shows up for the world to witness! The judges smile, then press the big red button indicating they want that singer to be on their team so they can coach the singer to the top.

For the singers who are picked, all that work has reaped the perfect reward…an opportunity of a lifetime. They gave it their best, now they have the ultimate feedback:  the pros in the business like them.

>I’m reflecting on why I’m so moved. I’m in awe when the singer nails that tough note, or creates the perfect vibrato, or when a judge makes the choice and the “I want you” lights go on; or when, at the finale of the song, all the judges give a standing ovation – a rare occurrence indicating the singer has a true gift.

There’s something great about positive feedback! All that effort, determination, and persistence reap a profound final moment of acceptance. Finally, the singer knows. “YES!”  “I’m GOOD!”

It’s not so clear for those of us on a spiritual path. Our striving, dedication and persistent practices don’t always come to a final “thumbs up”…or “Great job” or …“Atta girl!” No red button, no turning chair.

Fortunately, however, there is grace. We keep at it, fueled by the thirst inherent in us. Seeking that feeling, that heart-opening moment when our thirst is quenched. When in the depth of meditative silence, peace widens. Insights arise. It’s not a wild applause, but it’s feedback! Our oh-so-subtle proof that our determined practice has provided rewards.

Our fullest expression on our inner path comes not in song but with silence. It reaps rewards not through applause, but with humility. No red button, but quiet gratitude. No judges, no audience. Only our own open heart,our deepening awareness, widening love. Soft, Subtle. Just as it should be.

While I have a big smile on my face for the exuberant singer who gets their breakthrough moment, my heart, fully immersed  inside deep stillness, always knows how to sing its perfect silent song.  YES! I’m GOOD!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayn K Stillson
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 19:40:23

    Such a profound distinction Judy – Thanks ! jayn


  2. Barbara
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 19:45:30

    I loved this Blog! I was walking with my husband yesterday, when I realized how far I have come. I wanted to jump up and down. Life is so much better and things are easier than ever before. I’ll give myself applause and hit the “easy button” to celebrate.

    I’ve turned around many times for you Judy because you really are that GOOD! Keep on writing…it’s great.


  3. Susan
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 11:19:07

    I LOVE your blog. The balanced perspective you provide in both articles that I have read so far- wonderful and sometimes subtle insights – all appreciated to keep us going. Thank you Judy for all that you do for us.


  4. Anne Marie Bennett
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 17:32:29

    Judy, I love The Voice as well, and have often wondered WHY I am so drawn to these reality shows like this one, and you have just nailed it on the head for me! Thank you for your wise writing and keen insights into our souls. Love, Anne Marie


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