2012 – A Higher Balance Looks Back

Happy holidays everyone!

It feels a little bittersweet to say “goodbye” to 2012! So many predictions, fascinations, communications from the “earth scholars” and “energy experts” about what’s happening…inside, outside, to people, planet and cosmos. Whew! What now WILL we talk about?  Well, plenty!

We have been and will continue to grow into our own mastery by way of the earth’s ascension as well as our own personal evolution. I’m totally psyched to be a part of this change, this upliftment, this honor to be on earth at this time!

    Things at A Higher Balance have been morphing along with the planet’s agendas…growth, evolution, community, collaboration, commitment, empowerment and awakening.  The shifts have been deep and wide, yet the mission of A Higher Balance is still what is written on the top of the homepage of my website:

A Higher Balance Healing Center supports you on your path toward your highest, healed self and soul essence with private healing sessions, gatherings and trainings. 

But now…(drum role please) A Higher Balance Healing Center has a slight name change. Don’t worry, the website is the same:  www.AHigherBalance.com. But it will simply be known as A Higher Balance. And, there is a “tag line” you will see under all electronic and printed communications…so it will look like this:

A Higher Balance
Center for Your Personal Awakening

 The mission is the same: private sessions, classes, gatherings and trainings.
The emphasis over the last year has had a natural movement toward exactly what Planet Earth has intended for us humans:  our ascension, or awakening.

   There is no end point to our evolution. So good for us…for all of us who have faced our fears, forgiven our friends and families, moved past that scary (fill in the blank) when we were 6, 8, or 18…left a job (even if we thought we didn’t want to) or a marriage (even if we thought we didn’t want to) or a home (even if we thought we didn’t want to). Good for us…for doing the heavy lifting of our own clearing out to make room for…well, whatever’s next to support our highest good!
It’s lighter now. Can you feel it?  Accessing your joy more often? Having outbursts of laughter? More in the present moment?  Good! That’s your ascension showing up. Don’t feel quite there? Good! That’s your ascension showing up!  More like a spiral than a straight shot to heaven on earth, our paths look different yet they are all leading us in the same direction as earth: up! Up where the vibration is higher, lighter, happier, clearer… YES!

     When we make our healing/evolution/awakening conscious, it moves us more speedily toward our soul’s perfection, or fullest potential. So, all that happens within the sacred space of A Higher Balance will continue to feed you the yummy vibrations that open your heart, mind, body and soul to LOVE.

In sync with the newness and (finally!) the arrival of 2013 (oh joy!) my next newsletter will share with you an early list of some new and regular programs so you can save the dates. LOVE is still the theme, of course, and everything is on my website…now filling quickly through February! But before we have that look at what’s ahead, I want to take a moment to look back…..

A look back at A Higher Balance
To each client who walked in the door, whether it was once, weekly, monthly or occasionally, whether for healing, coaching or both, thank you for your openness and trust, and for allowing me the privilege to be with you!
To each student who walked into a training, each individual who walked into a group, thank you for sharing your Light  with A Higher Balance, and your commitment into the world. Truly it is an honor to have our hearts link!  I’ve said often that every person who walks in leaves a little Light, making the energy here sweeter, the vibration higher, and the opportunity for healing deeper…for all of us!

    Here is a look back at all (most?) of the offerings held over the past year: some weekly, some monthly, some occasionally (probably left out something or other). And thanks to all who joined us to participate in these groups. Also, many thanks for the guest presenters who came to Higher Balance to offer their wisdom and gifts.

A look back at 2012

Program Topics (in no particular order)

Shamanic Journey, Mary Magdalene, Meditation, Dreamwork, Self- Love, Sacred Yoga, Labyrinth Walk, Food for Life, Sacred Union, Qigong, Zentangle, Soul Sketches, SoulCollage®, Angels, Mediumship, Crystals, Group RYSE Clearings, Enneagram, Shamanic Visual Arts, Divination Circle, Living in the Fifth Dimension, Munay-Ki Rites Group, The Joy Course, Reiki Trainings, Sound Healing, Soul Therapy Practitioner Training, Bach Flower Essences, Energy Medicine, Akashic Records, OM Healing Circle, Psychic Development, Sacred Geometry, RYSE workshops, Soaring with Creation, Contemplative Silence, Honoring Your Shadows, Divine Openings Group, Deepening your Healing Practice, Staying in your Center, Program for Highly Sensitive People, Pineal Light and Sound Meditation, Movie nights, Yoga of Nurturance, Living as a Master in the Fifth Dimension, Psychic Bootcamp, Quartz Crystals, Chakra Journey, Mediumship Demonstration, Care for the Caregiver

Thanks to guest presenters for bringing your gifts to A Higher Balance

Cathy Corcoran, Gloria Amendola, Godfrey, Carol Dearborn, Helene Olsen, Barb Ducharme, Mia Corinha, Maria Halvorsen, Julie McGrath, Dave Estes, Clarence Dow, Michael Landrider, Lea Hill, Deb Duxbury, Gail Kobialaka, Susan Morgan, Martha Lovely, Mark Kolensky, Rosemary Shirley, Jennifer Chapman, Mona Sigal, Elizabeth Foley,  Peter and Jura Rosewood, Heather Wolfe, Mary MacDonald


…will appear in my next newsletter, coming soon!

Have a glorious ending and new beginning for the new year, new you!


Much love, light, peace, joy and gratitude,






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