Our Power to Create Goodness

Our power to create goodness – a new blog by Judy Inspired by the evening news with Brian Williams
It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog. It was just yesterday when my new friend Mary and I went for a walk in one of Marblehead’s conservation areas, Steer Swamp.  I was telling Mary that this favorite place of mine  was the inspiration for two of my blogs, and I lamented that I haven’t blogged in a long time. Walking the woods with Mary, I was pulled down again into a connection to Mother Earth, like nothing else does. We had a wonderful conversation on “my rock” at the top of a clearing, and we both marveled at the trees and their interlaced branches, and the colors of the October leaves.

Just now I was inspired by something else: the evening news. “What?” You say? Yes, I’m in disbelief myself. Being one of those sensitive people, like you perhaps, the news seems harsh, negative and sometimes horrifying. I agree. But living alone, somehow I seem to want my morning oatmeal and evening “whatever” with some company. So sometimes I turn on my TV. I admit I’m one to cry easily…sometimes because it’s some unfortunate event happening to some creature, or the forests, or the ocean or fishes, or some humans somewhere. Fire, disasters, animal cruelty, wars…so much sorrow. Ouch!

Tonight it began with a turtle. Have you seen the commercial for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care? The theme song rings in the background. “It’s time we take care of one another…” or something like that.  On screen is a turtle, upside down with its legs flagging. Its friend, another turtle, is nudging the upside-down turtle with its head, in a gallant effort to turn it right-side up! Finally the nudging is successful and the upside-down turtle turns right-side up onto its feet. Success! Made me think of… geeze…how did that turtle know it needed to give persistent nudges to save the other turtle’s life? What would upside-down turtle have done without it’s friend?

Next up was the news. Brian Williams. The voice of integrity and conviction. The handsome news anchors’ anchorman. I love him. The first news report I caught was about a man, Army Captain Will Swenson, receiving the Medal of Honor for plunging into the “kill zone” to rescue the wounded. Reinforcements were not sent in because it was too dangerous. And in the midst of the turmoil, Captain Will Swenson kissed a soldier that he was rescuing, dragging to safety. The soldier died two months later from his wounds. Captain Will Swenson wanted that soldier to know that his efforts were noted, honored, admirable. It came out as love, in a silent simple kiss.

The next report that I caught in this same newscast was a piece about extraordinary kids and a football coach. The coach, Scott Hamilton, gave new meaning to the notion of “winning.” The kids were challenged, mentally and physically. But when they played sports, it didn’t matter how well they played. They were part of a group, a team, a collective effort. They got to wear a jersey with a number. They were winners, no matter what. This coach changed the definition of “winning”. “The scoreboard,” says the coach, “isn’t the only measure of victory.”

With extraordinary contrast, then came a news report about middle schools and cyber-bullying. A 12 year-old girl killed herself. Her classmates were sending her messages like “drink bleach and die.” The cyber -bullying continued even when the child moved to another school. The classmates were charged with stalking, related to Rebecca’s suicide. I thought back for a moment to that time in high school when I was a sophomore. My brother’s friends were seniors. Whenever I walked past them through the corridors, they yelled in unison, “blimp.”  Blimp.,. Blimp.” That was tough to take. It hurts even now. But it wasn’t a gang, it wasn’t all that persistent, and it didn’t follow me through the years. I know what it’s like, to be young, wanting acceptance, to be part of a group, to have a friend, and instead to be insulted, pushed away, hated…during that tender time in life when we just want to be liked, even loved, by our classmates, our friends…people like ourselves.

All of this reminds me about the notion of Oneness. That all of our perceptions that we are separate from one another are false…part of this 3D illusion we are witnessing. That when we reach out a hand to someone we are reaching toward all of humanity. That the Divine is the One who we see when we look into someone’s eyes. That when we don’t take a stand against violence toward Earth or her creatures or toward one another, we turn away against Divine Love itself. This notion of I/you, we/them is growing old and worn. When we help someone the energy of that choice continues to move outward. When we forgive someone, the energy of that forgiveness keeps going. When we choose peace over anything not of peace the energy of that choice continues… and helps perhaps one person to kiss a soldier…or save a life…or take a stand against bullying,  And when we stop keeping score, and feel pleased and fulfilled because we are giving life our best, we help to allow others to do the same.

Now it’s almost time to watch The Voice. Aside from the TV news that joins me for meals, this is about the only thing I watch. How affirming it is, to see extraordinary new musical talent be affirmed by mega-stars in the music industry. To give it your “all” and then have a sign light up “I WANT YOU!”  I think we are all giving it our best, huh? Is there even a small voice inside you that says “GOOD JOB!” when you give it your all?  Let that voice also say “THANKS”…like the turtle would have said to the one who nudged it right-side up, or maybe the soldier would have said when he received a kiss in the midst of gunfire, or the kids who finally felt whole and talented and part of a team. The little ways we can create goodness add up.



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