About a friend

March 5, 2012

About a Friend
Donna Lee Caramello

One of my best friends, Donna Lee Caramello, died on Monday, February 20 at 11:30 pm following a brave and noble journey through cancer. Donna is the first friend I’ve lost. She loved to cook “for the masses,” and created connections masterfully. Solstice gatherings, parties, dinners, creative travel, clients, healers and on and on… she drew crowds to her like the sun lifts flowers to itself.

It’s because of Donna that I met my best friend Liz, my other best friend, Elaine, a guru from India, the co-author of my book Edemir Rossi, and numerous other friends, acquaintances and experiences. Holly, Janice, Joanne, Donna H., Suzan, Beth, Ravi, Roxanne, Kathleen, Shelley and many more.

Donna and I shared a trip to India, three retreats with Amma, sacred conversations,  weekly webcasts with Shri Guru Dadaji, healing groups, deep sharing, sound healing concerts, infinite dinners together, life’s philosophies and on and on.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

Poem attributed to Mary Frye

A few days following Donna’s passing, I took to the woods. It’s February. The last time I was in the woods was fall…full of color and freshness. Today all was evenly lit with overcast light. Brown leaves, brown branches, brown earth. Tree limbs were fallen everywhere, some from last year’s hurricane. I looked around for “signs” of Donna’s presence. Feeling as if she was around me all the time, I hoped perhaps I would come across some twigs in shape of her initials, some clouds forming hearts. Something to offer proof she is really still with me.

Donna was my teacher in so many ways. Always in a place of unconditional love, she taught me about love…not with words, but from her consistent open heart. Her deep acceptance of every being that crossed her path helped others with their own self- love. In that acceptance, I witnessed myself and others open more, widening their friendships with others in Donna’s circles.

Her funeral was a lovely service, with a moving eulogy from her brother David. Friends clutched one another as we watched her casket leave the church, David’s words ringing in our hearts: “As Donna would say; Live, Love, Laugh… Bye for now!”

Knowing Donna, she sped into the Light that Monday evening of her last breath. Perhaps she flew toward the angels to polish their halos, prune their wings and bring their level of divine service up a notch.

Grief comes in waves. As soon as it’s too much, our psyche ebbs toward relief. I’m amazed at the human capacity to take on this quantum amount of raw grief. There were moments I thought the sorrow of the whole world was moving through me, as I stood standing in my bedroom, bent over, wailing at full lung capacity. Thank you to my friends and healers who held me up when I couldn’t stand alone… Liz, Debbie, Kelley, Helene, Heather, Susan, Judy B.

Usually my blogs have a less personal message. Thank YOU for creating a space for me to speak from my heart in this way. And I also realize that this very personal message is not so personal, but universal. In the midst of my deepest moments of sorrow I prayed for all those who have lost a loved one. We go through these depths alone, yet we are not alone. Grief is universal. And always, I believe, bittersweet. It’s because a heart can love that much that it can hurt that much. Bless the tenderness of an open heart. Thanks to God, Donna, Donna’s friends and family. May Donna and all beings be at peace.

Perhaps you’ve  lost a loved one. Would you like to take a moment and pay tribute? You are welcome to leave a response here on Judy’s Blog.


Your Energy System and the Law Attraction

Welcome to Musings from A Higher Balance!


     The human energy system includes      the upward and downward flow of      universal energy into the body and      seven major chakras. When our      energy system is clear, we are able      to project positive energy, one of the key elements required to fulfill  the law of attraction.

Welcome to 2012! How is your year going? As all the 2012 scholars have predicted, this is the year to face our core issues, let go of what is in the way of our wholeness, and take hold of what will move us forward toward our personal mastery. At this point we have all been aware and working with the Law of Attraction; but I still find that a deeper understanding about the relationship between the Law of Attraction and the human energy field provides a more complete way of using all of our resources to build the life we want. Nowadays I still have conversations with clients and students about why something they’ve been working so hard on creating has not come to fruition. So I’m publishing in Musings this month an article I wrote shortly after The Secret came out. I hope this article works to inspire you to go deeper into your own creative power!

Your Energy System and the Law of Attraction
By Judy Christine Copp
This article appeared in the summer 2007 edition of Spirit of Change magazine.

The best-selling DVD movie, The Secret, wonderfully explores the law of attraction through the voices and ideas of several scholars, and has inspired many of us to take deeper notice of our thoughts, feelings and intentions. The law of attraction states that we attract to ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously, whatever we give our attention to. This attraction occurs whether our focus is to have something or to not have something. Therefore, to attract what we really want, we should use only positive thoughts and feelings to bring it forth.

The law of attraction can best be explained as universal energy which obeys the science of physics based on these three principles: 1) everything is energy; 2) energy follows thought; 3) what you focus on you get more of. We are like cosmic magnets. Our thoughts and feelings send out a vibration, and universal energy matches our vibration by giving us more of the same, resonant energy.

The benefits of positive thinking are not new or secret. But because The Secret bundles its messages in such an uplifting way, it refreshes our perception of ourselves as magnificent creators. However, even if we’ve been practicing the concepts brought out so clearly in the movie, we often still experience wanting something for years, doing all the “right” affirmations, intentions, inspired actions and visualizations, only to find our efforts lead nowhere. The relationship is still missing, the job remains unfulfilling, and the new years resolutions go poof! after 60 days.

Why does this happen? I have a few of my own thoughts about why we don’t manifest in spite of our best intentions. First, we are not alone in the creative process. Our soul is at work, and sometimes our soul knows best what is in our highest good or what lessons we require for our soul growth. These may not be apparent to our conscious mind. Second, divine timing. Sometimes the universe simply asks us to wait until the timing is right. The third factor of manifestation is our own personal energy system which can both support and/or challenge our abilities to create what we want. A clear energy system is a key element required to fulfill the law of attraction!

The human energy system includes the upward and downward flow of universal energy into the human body and the seven major chakras, or energy vortices, which attach to the spinal column. These and other parts of our energy system are very dynamic and change quickly based on what we think and feel. If our thoughts are not positive, our energy system reacts by pulling in negative energy and can become blocked. Old behavior patterns repeat themselves, preventing us from moving towards our greatest intentions. When our energy system is clear, however, we are able to project positive energy, one of the key elements required to fulfill the law of attraction.

Creating with Your Energy System

Thoughts have energy that instantly impacts our energy system. Have you ever felt like you received a sudden jolt around your abdomen during an uncomfortable exchange with someone? It’s because your third chakra, your area of personal power, became blocked because of your thought about the person or situation. If you’ve ever seen a loved one and your heart became full, it’s because your heart chakra responded to your thoughts by opening up and magnifying itself.

Once you have a thought that produces joy, your energy system responds by aligning with the highest aspects of your self. Experiences of joy from the past and the present come flooding toward you adding to the joy of the moment. It’s the same with sadness. A little sadness can bring forth a flood of sadness, especially from the past. So, whether we produce thoughts that make us feel good or produce thoughts that make us feel bad, we will attract similar energy to us.

When we feel really, really, good is the best and most effective time to decide on our intentions and to manifest what we want because our energy system is running at peak cycle. Our energy is beaming positive vibrations outward, so what we get back from the universe is more positive vibrations. This creates a clear path to create the new job, new relationship, financial abundance, regular yoga practice or whatever it is we want to manifest. When our energy system requires repair, we stay on “auto pilot,” repeating the same mental, emotional and behavioral patterns in spite of wanting and intending change. We can waver with our choices, question too much, put off actions and delay making decisions.

Universal energy has both an upward and a downward flow through the body. The upward flow of energy is from the earth and liberates us. When clear, this energy flow can release us from fixed ideas or patterns that aren’t helpful. The downward flow of energy comes in through the crown of the head and is the energy of manifestation. When this flow is clear, we get ideas and inspiration from our upper chakras and we act on them using our lower chakras. So, if there is a block in the upper flow of energy, we stay fixed in our thoughts and behaviors that might be preventing us from creating more of who we are and what we want. If there is a block in the downward flow, we can have ideas but we are unable to manifest them into the world.

All of your thoughts, feelings and vibrations create your aura, the field of universal energy surrounding your body. The aura is your personal energy climate which travels with you throughout the day, attracting positive and negative experiences which match its unique vibration. This universal energy also runs through the chakras. The seven major chakras govern different aspects of our consciousness and influence how we feel, act and manifest.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, at the top of the head, is where our Divine Self connects to the human form and where we experience oneness with the universe. This is where we receive divine wisdom and the flow of higher light. This chakra works to support the whole system by bringing in clear, cosmic energy and releasing energy not required by the system. A blocked crown chakra could hold us stuck to unwanted beliefs or create confusion or closed-mindedness, inhibiting our manifestation process.

Third Eye

The third eye, located about an inch above the bridge of the nose, is where we receive inspiration and intuition, and where we connect with other dimensional realms. With a clear third eye we will be open to a flow of new ideas, but if the third eye is not clear, we will stay in our patterns of thinking. A blocked third eye inhibits our imagination and ability to see alternatives. We could be drawn to fantasies, illusions or obsessions rather than intuition and inspiration.

Throat Chakra

When our throat chakra is clear, we easily speak our truth and connect with others through our voice, our communication. If the throat chakra is blocked, energy which is normally expressed through the use of our voice will flow to another chakra as blocked energy. The throat chakra expresses our creative identity and is an important part of creating and acting on our intentions.

Heart Chakra

While the throat chakra is expressive, the heart chakra is receptive and therefore can clog easily. When the heart chakra is blocked we have sadness; when it’s clear we access joy. A closed heart chakra can keep us from connecting with others or from moving on from past hurts. When we release grief and loss through forgiveness and love, we attract to us the love we want in our lives.

Third Chakra

The third chakra, located above the belly button, helps us manifest all of who we are including our values, visions and goals. It’s where we hold our sense of self and use our personal power to carry out our intentions. Governed by the fire element, the third chakra is where we take action. When blocked, we don’t have enough fire, or energy, to act. We can become passive and unable to muster up the discipline, courage or confidence required to create what we want.

Second Chakra

The second chakra, located below the belly button, is where we feel and attract resonant energy to us. It magnifies the Law of Attraction. This is also where we hold to old belief systems. If the second chakra is blocked we could feel guilty, untrusting or fearful of change. With a clear second chakra, we embrace change and attract more of what we really want. Governed by the element of water, it’s important this chakra be in a flowing state. Emotions need to be in motion — flowing through us so we don’t stay stuck in our stuff!

Base Chakra

Located at the base of the spine and governed by the earth element, the base chakra provides grounding and support for the entire energy system. It is the last chakra in the downward flow of universal energy and is the foundation for materializing our ideas and intentions. When blocked, the base chakra can bring about fear of survival and attract energy that makes manifestation difficult.

Keeping Your Energy Clear
The condition of the human energy system influences how effectively we are able to work with the law of attraction because the energy system is the vibrational force that attracts people, circumstances and events to us. While positive thoughts and feelings have an instant impact on the energy system, some energies have been manifested on a denser, physical level. The mind stores impressions of everything it perceives and our emotional body stores our experiences. Sadness, self-doubt, anger or any negative thoughts or behavior patterns that have built up over time create blockages in the energy system that need to be released before we can create change.

A block means the energy is not in motion and we can’t access the higher aspects of ourselves. All energy healing modalities — Reiki, polarity therapy, RYSE, and many more — work to release energy blocks and can make the difference between staying stuck and moving on. Energy healing releases negativity, resistance and unwanted habits to free us in our creative process and gives us the “juice” to be inspired and make things happen. Regular energy healing sessions keep the system clear and work through behavioral and emotional patterns that can affect our creative process.

One of the simplest messages in “The Secret” is to discover what gives you joy and do more of it. Since our feelings send a vibration out into the universe, I can’t think of a better gift to give ourselves and the world right now.
Sources used for this article:
Anodea Judith, Carolyn Myss, Layne Redmond, Solomae Sananda

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Our Internal Storms Pave a New Direction

Hurricane Irene hit town recently. Fortunately we escaped the brunt of it. But during my walk in the woods the day after I noticed downed branches and trees. The skyscape seemed very different in spots…more sky showing in places where tree tops used to be. The pathways, normally dirt and rocks, were laden with green leaves and sticks; flung to the ground by wind and rain.

I became in awe of nature’s wisdom. At first I felt badly for the downed trees…some large trees on their side, roots showing from the lifted ground. Some broken branches now were held, like an embrace, in the branches of neighboring trees. They had not quite made it to the forest floor.

But I realized that nature has no “mistakes.” Perhaps the fallen branches were ones that were “tired” and had used too much energy to “hang on” to their tree trunks…and now lay resting.

I also noticed the tiniest yellow flowers with teeny petals that were left intact. And wondered how the birds…now chirping happily, remained safe from 50 MPH gusts.

The day following the storm was remarkable, with super clean air and bright sun — a refreshing change from the downpours and wind. I was grateful for the contrast, realizing so much appreciation was present in me because the contrast was so dramatic.

Without contrasts, I thought, there would be little opportunity for gratitude!

Walking along the path I thought of a metaphor, as I often do in the woods, for parts of myself that perhaps I was forced to let go of during stormy times. Like some of the branches now leaning helpless on another tree, parts of myself sometimes release the clinging, leaving space for more patience, acceptance and peace.

It’s as if we humans are meant to surrender to the natural flow of what’s required of us. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes we need to be flung about. But always, our soul’s wisdom wins.

Like the branch that cracks with the right force of nature, we let go. Then our energy is more available to us for something else.

With new storm-free vibrancy, perhaps we enter new forms of creativity…a new way of loving more, judging less.

Personal storms have a purpose. The force of a storm clears the air, makes room for new growth, and recycles low energy.
It might feel crummy when our internal “wind and rain” are gusting, but suddenly we are cleared, and our expression, like the chirping birds, becomes fuller, stronger and sweeter.

Do you have something you’re clinging to? An old habit that doesn’t serve you? A way of being with yourself that is not loving? Is some part of you holding back your life’s song?

Intuitive coaching sessions can help you see the parts of you that are wanting to be released. When you express from a deep place in a trusting environment, the thoughts swimming around that might be holding you back now have a place to go…releasing the feelings along with them; like letting air out of a balloon. Sometimes when we finally speak out loud, what holds us back loosens its grip.

Your energy system, when clear, can help you hold your higher aspects so you can be in your truth.

Your strong sense of Self can return, your mind can be more aware, your feeling states harmonious. From this place of alignment, you can create and manifest easily, and express the bright light you are.

Intuitive coaching and private energy healing sessions are available separately or can be joined together. Coaching and energy healing are also available from a distance. Contact Judy at 781-639-1236.


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