November 11, 2011 is approaching. Numerically, it is an interesting configuration: 11.11.11. We see a set of “ones” which for some might mean new beginnings. The “ones” add up to six, which some may feel is a sacred number. Or we see perhaps three doorways, which some translate to “portals.”

There are astrological things happening…I read about them, but don’t necessarily hang on to their meanings in my memory. Scholars of consciousness or earth energies are gathering large groups to travel to Egypt…others to Arizona…others to Peru, or any number of sacred sites.

I’ve read and felt intuitively about many meanings related to this auspicious date. I always like to take both a personal and broad view of these cosmic things, using my mind, heart, soul and energy to “feel” my way to my own place of knowing.

I don’t claim to be an expert in any way related to 11.11.11, or 2012, or the Shift, or the Mayan calendar. But certain things I do know for “sure”…just because I pay attention.

These times are intense.  The earth herself is changing. Just look at the weather patterns! People are connected to the earth in one energy field, so people are changing too. We are experiencing our own “quakes” and “floods” and “fires.”

Structures are changing…economic, financial, social, political. Change is constant. But this is intense. I look at themes, though.

De-structuring before re-structuring. Correcting systems so there is more balance for the common good of all. We have such a long way to go…building ways to be on this planet that are environmentally safe and economically friendly rather than driven by greed.

Clients and students tell me stories. These have themes also. A deep struggle of letting go of someone or something that has not been working. But it’s so hard to give it up. The job, the marriage, the house, the relationship. We resist. But this is a time for deep knowing, trusting and believing that we are accelerating at a whole new speed, to a whole new level of being. Following a letting go, there is a moving toward something new, higher, better.

“People themes” now are about community, service, the highest good for all, creating positive change, being in our truth and power, making a difference for the planet. I like this.

Within these great themes I’m hearing a lot about the pain of change. Numerous times the metaphor of the snake molting it’s skin has come up.  Can you relate? I can. It hurts! Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Ouch! There’s a new sensitivity…a new rawness. But can you feel what you are moving toward? I can. Swiftly, time is moving at warp speed. Taking us on a cosmic trip…accelerating our very evolution. Can you feel it? The letting go we are doing, either by will or force, will propel us…past our false limits and beliefs. Past our old ways. Past our patterns that have held us in some fake “safe zone.”

Where are we headed? Where are you headed? Can you feel the new degree of courage you will have when you grow into this new way of being you? When the fear gives way to new ground?

This is a time of accelerated evolution. It’s exciting! Consider…What is it your higher Self is asking you to finally let go of? Can you? Will you? And what is it your higher Self is asking you to finally claim?

Owning your truth…your power to create positive change…your creative skills to manifest beyond your wildest dreams.

On 11.11.11, Judy Christine Copp, founder of A Higher Balance Healing Center in Salem, MA will hold a special event at the UU Church in downtown Salem, MA to offer an experience of healing, oneness, spirit and empowerment. Visit http://www.LifeArtHeart.com to purchase tickets. More information on Judy’s private healing sessions, angel card readings coaching sessions (in-person or long distance), as well as classes for personal discovery and spiritual awakening, can be found at http://www.AHigherBalance.com.


Something happens in the presence of love

On the way to my healing room from the teaching space there is a stylized plaque I purchased at Kripalu that says “love Heals.”
I displayed it to affirm to all who enter what the true source of healing is. Something happens in the presence of love. There is
an increased ability to trust, surrender, let go and release.

We’ve all experienced this. Do you recall a moment when you could no longer carry inside yourself some unwanted feeling
that you kept hidden for too long? Then finally, the right person and circumstances opened the door for your disclosure. Like a pin prick penetrating
a stuffed balloon, the energy you were carrying was set free, allowing a new lightness and ease.

When we do have someone to share with on a deep level, whether a healer, partner or friend, it is a blessing. What about being your own accepting listener and supporter? This skill means you can transmute harsh feelings in the moment.

Cynthia Bourgeault is one who teachers this skill. I am blessed to have been in her presence a number of times. She is a mystic, scholar, teacher and
contemplative, in the tradition of Thomas Keating. Her books and retreats have had a profound impact on many people.

Cynthia’s “welcoming practice” is a way to hold all circumstances, challenges, and feelings in love’s embrace. My notes from one of her retreats: “Use everything to increase the quality and quantity of your presence in conscious love.” She describes a three-step process: when you become aware you are in the grip of emotional pain,1) Focus on it; 2) Welcome it; 3) Let it go.

Welcoming strong feelings is not our normal reaction. Too often we push away our fear, anger, distrust, judgments of ourselves and others. But these shadowy sides simply need some space. What we resist persists! When we bring in the breath along with a welcoming heart, we loosen she shadow’s hold.

Creating neutrality is another way to soften strong emotions. I often coach clients to consider switching their perceptions slightly. Rather than affirm “I am angry” consider “the energy of anger is moving through me.” This alternate statement affirms our own ability to create distance.
Try one of these methods for your own spiritual progress right now:

-Do you have a deep secret? What do you feel would happen if you told someone your secret and it landed in a loving heart? Are you willing to try this out with a healer or friend?

-Next time a shadowy part visits your awareness, try saying “welcome.” After all, she’s coming to you for healing. Now is the chance to give her your unconditional love. Give her a name also! This helps to distance the emotions and paves a way for a conversation! Welcome “Angry Alice”, “Sad Samantha,” “Frustrated Frannie!”

-Can you accept part of yourself as one who loves you unconditionally? What name would you give her so you could call her in when you need her? Even “Higher Self” would work – sometimes we need more than one “opinion” when these strong feelings flood us.

-Come for a healing session and enter the doorway that says “Love Heals.”  You may find a session for aligning your energy is just what you need to see a whole new, positive perspective.  Distance healing is available also.  781-639-1236.

Love heals because it is the energy of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Love’s power wants no holding back. Give yourself total freedom to love yourself and others. Because you ARE love, and love NEEDS you for its own expression!

Healing Sessions Q&A

Here are some questions that often arise about healing energy work….
Q. What is the difference between Reiki and RYSE?
A. Reiki is very PEACEFUL, RYSE is very TRANSFORMING! (which is NOT to say RYSE isn’t peaceful or Reiki isn’t transforming!). Reiki is hands-on healing; RYSE is done with a clear quartz crystal, off the body, working on the energy field. In Reiki I have music in the background; RYSE is a CD with words (with music behind them), telling your energy system what to do to become clear and aligned. RYSE is a SERIES of five private sessions, which are progressive…. leading up to an initiation to your Blueprint” (Highest Healed Self). Both Reiki and RYSE are very helpful for eliminating stress, increasing peace, helping with certain medical conditions, and before and after surgery to quicken the healing process and release the trauma inside the body and energy field.

Q. Can you tell what’s wrong with a person’s chakras?
A. It’s better for you when I explain how your inner work and self care can help your system stay aligned after your energy clearing. I like to affirm your progress, what the healing session did for you, and how you can continue to maintain your alignment. Sometimes I’m very direct, however, about what your system might be “screaming” for, such as a change in diet, fresh air and exercise, or a commitment to free up your perceptions or limiting beliefs. Everyone always leaves the session at their next possible level of healing and alignment. There is never an “end point!”

A Higher Balance

Q. Are you psychic?

A. Well, everyone is! It’s a matter of degree. I use intuition in my healing work to continually sense and assess what the energy system and body are wanting so I can move energies in an optimal way. I use all senses, …seeingfeelinghearing and knowing to access information. I also perceive and work with past trauma and inner child work. I do this by sensing the health of the inner child working multi-dimensionally with her to help bring her back to that magical child state. I also use my intuition with my oracle card readings, which occur after most healing sessions or as a separate offering.  The oracle cards seem to bring about clarity, encouragement and confirmation based on what the client is looking for in the way of healing.

Q. Are you a medium?
A. Sometimes I see people who live in heaven, usually before, during or after a healing session or during a card reading. Sometimes they just show up, sometimes I tune in willfully and see someone.  There is usually a reason they show up… like to let the loved know they are okay and to send love.

Q. Can bad karma be released?

A. Karma is simply “cause and effect.” We receive “lessons” from our works that may be unkind in some minor or major way. Karma is a great teacher. There are various ways karma is released. Karma exists in the cellular memories held in the physical body and in the energy system. When we energetically purify and raise our vibration by receiving healing work, or have a continuing spiritual practice like meditation and yoga, we release karma. In other words, karmic release happens through our soul work and is also brought to us through divine grace. That’s why letting go and forgiving and working with detachment and accessing our higher virtues is true spiritual work. This work crosses dimensions and can go all the way back to help heal our ancestry….and all the way into our future to pave the way for the return of “good” karma. Our “good” acts produced through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions create “good” karma…so it also works both ways!

Q. How many healing sessions are usually necessary?

A. My usual response to this question is that you will feel a difference immediately, and even more within 48 hours because it takes 48 hours to fully integrate your healing. You energy system will “climb” for a time.  If you never receive another session, you may notice old patterns returning. If you keep up sessions regularly, to whatever degree feels “right” to you, your system begins to take on a permanent “re-wiring” so you can maintain an easy access to your peace, joy and balance.  There is not an end point to our evolution. Energy healing supports and quickens your evolution to your highest healed Self. We can often tell when we feel “off” and it’s time for a session. Those who have energy healing on a regular basis have an easier time maintaining steady balance.

Q. What if a person is too stuck to heal.

A. No one is too stuck. I don’t buy into anyone’s limiting belief about themselves. I see past it, every time. You are already whole, strong, powerful and beautiful. When I’m with someone I see the one who is already whole. I’ve witnessed too many transformations to perceive anyone as unable to move forward.  We are all made of light and love and we are all divine. The work I do is meant to help you see, feel and become that whole Self.

Judy Copp, M.Ed, RPP, RMT is the founder and healer at A Higher Balance Healing Center in Salem, MA. She helps others to access their highest Light and Soul Essence through intuitive, compassionate energy healing as well as spiritual and self-discovery programs. Learn about her local workshops and long distance healing, coaching and intuitive readings at http://ahigherbalance.com/.

Our Internal Storms Pave a New Direction

Hurricane Irene hit town recently. Fortunately we escaped the brunt of it. But during my walk in the woods the day after I noticed downed branches and trees. The skyscape seemed very different in spots…more sky showing in places where tree tops used to be. The pathways, normally dirt and rocks, were laden with green leaves and sticks; flung to the ground by wind and rain.

I became in awe of nature’s wisdom. At first I felt badly for the downed trees…some large trees on their side, roots showing from the lifted ground. Some broken branches now were held, like an embrace, in the branches of neighboring trees. They had not quite made it to the forest floor.

But I realized that nature has no “mistakes.” Perhaps the fallen branches were ones that were “tired” and had used too much energy to “hang on” to their tree trunks…and now lay resting.

I also noticed the tiniest yellow flowers with teeny petals that were left intact. And wondered how the birds…now chirping happily, remained safe from 50 MPH gusts.

The day following the storm was remarkable, with super clean air and bright sun — a refreshing change from the downpours and wind. I was grateful for the contrast, realizing so much appreciation was present in me because the contrast was so dramatic.

Without contrasts, I thought, there would be little opportunity for gratitude!

Walking along the path I thought of a metaphor, as I often do in the woods, for parts of myself that perhaps I was forced to let go of during stormy times. Like some of the branches now leaning helpless on another tree, parts of myself sometimes release the clinging, leaving space for more patience, acceptance and peace.

It’s as if we humans are meant to surrender to the natural flow of what’s required of us. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes we need to be flung about. But always, our soul’s wisdom wins.

Like the branch that cracks with the right force of nature, we let go. Then our energy is more available to us for something else.

With new storm-free vibrancy, perhaps we enter new forms of creativity…a new way of loving more, judging less.

Personal storms have a purpose. The force of a storm clears the air, makes room for new growth, and recycles low energy.
It might feel crummy when our internal “wind and rain” are gusting, but suddenly we are cleared, and our expression, like the chirping birds, becomes fuller, stronger and sweeter.

Do you have something you’re clinging to? An old habit that doesn’t serve you? A way of being with yourself that is not loving? Is some part of you holding back your life’s song?

Intuitive coaching sessions can help you see the parts of you that are wanting to be released. When you express from a deep place in a trusting environment, the thoughts swimming around that might be holding you back now have a place to go…releasing the feelings along with them; like letting air out of a balloon. Sometimes when we finally speak out loud, what holds us back loosens its grip.

Your energy system, when clear, can help you hold your higher aspects so you can be in your truth.

Your strong sense of Self can return, your mind can be more aware, your feeling states harmonious. From this place of alignment, you can create and manifest easily, and express the bright light you are.

Intuitive coaching and private energy healing sessions are available separately or can be joined together. Coaching and energy healing are also available from a distance. Contact Judy at 781-639-1236.


All About Energy Healing

I’m often asked about the benefits of energy healing…how it works, what it does, why people should try it. The interview below with Helene Olsen of New Age Connections offers some answers…


Judy Copp from Jonny Rizzo on Vimeo.

A Bug as Just a Bug

As a kid I grew up on a dead end street with acres of woods behind me.  I used to go out into the woods and explore. I admired the lady slippers growing wild, the scent of the land and leaves. Often I would roll over a rock to see if there were bugs underneath. When there were bugs, I loved to see them scurry when the lid of their home uncovered them. If I lifted a rock and there were no bugs, I was disappointed in the lack of activity.

I still walk through the woods. I never see lady slippers or roll over rocks, but the woods still have magic for me. I breathe in the scents and now I’m apt to sit on a rock, and just look around.

Yesterday after I came back from the woods my neighbor was on her steps and suddenly she blurted “you have a spider on your leg!” I looked down and realized I had walked through the spider’s web and had trouble flinging the critter off me. “Eeeooo” I said, as the insect crept off. Then I instantly thought of the difference between my childhood fascinations of crawly critters and my adult view of a (small) spider on my leg. Then I gently lifted the spider and part of its web off my leg and onto the brick patio.

I wondered …when did bugs become creepy? As a child I had no “filter” about the bugs. No interpretation. No “history” or “story” or any “stuff” in the way. They were just bugs.

That’s what having a great neutrality is about. A way of being in the world that I strive for. Not separation, not defense or resistance, but seeing things just as they are. Just bugs. What makes bugs creepy is fear, but there was no reason to have fear of the little spider on my leg. The little spider triggered old fear from the past that had no relevance in that moment.

Kind of the way people, circumstances and events trigger us into believing there is something wrong or bad or scary simply because of a bad memory, an experience from the past. Staying present, seeing things as they are, means a bug is just a bug.

Spiders come and go but bigger things in life can make us unhappy or pull us off center. What’s bugging you? Does it repeat itself? Is there Truth in it? Can you see it for what it is? Can you witness it? Or, can you let it go?

Can you breathe around it and give it space? If you feel a strong emotion in your body, can you create a conversation with it?

A clear energy system helps us to release the past and the little things that can get in the way of our joy. Life’s triggers may not change, but our reaction to them does. Our reactions are, after all, the only thing that is under our own control.

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